I have been working in Vancouver as a couples counsellor for over ten years. I am passionate about couples' issues and dynamics and boast a high success rate in helping couples to reconnnect and rediscover the intimacy they thought was lost forever. I have also created and facilitated Couples Communication Workshops, which proved to be quite helpful and well received in the community.

I use a variety of skills and tools to teach couples how to properly communicate with
each other. To help couples improve, depending on the presenting issues. I use:

  • Cognitive Therapy
  • Emotionally Focused Therapy
  • Gestalt Therapy
  • Satir Techniques
  • Gottman Techniques
  • EMDR


My style in session can be lighthearted and humourous, or direct and persistant. I find both humour and seriousness to be important when working with couples. Above all, I strive to be respectful and empathic with my clients. I aim for equal air time for each person and the opportunity for each person to feel heard, understood and validated in a safe environment. I work very hard to help couples achieve the results they want. I have great respect for the couples who come in for counselling. It is hard to admit to having problems and it can feel vulnerable to be open and honest with a partner who feels like an enemy. It is difficult to learn new skills and change old, failing habits. I feel grateful  to work with couples. I am always inspired by their courage, committment and vulnerability.

I usually give out homework assignments to my clients in between sessions, since an hour session once a week is quite a short amount of time to work. If the work can continue during the week, results will come much faster. Homework can be a contract to keep a date night, a written assignment, a committment to mindfullness, or a chapter of a book to read.

I am a graduate of both McGill University in Clinical Psychology and The University of British Columbia in Counselling Psychology. I am registered as a Clincal Counsellor with the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors and in some cases, with participating insurance providers, can accept third party billing.


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