I love my husband, but at times, he drives me crazy. At times, your partner probably drives you crazy too, and I’m guessing this is why you’ve picked up this book. And the thing is, this is the nature of human relationships. I can’t tell you how many people I counsel who think their partner drives them nuts because they aren’t the “right one”, the one they were meant to be with, their soul mate if you will. Nonsense!  This type of  thinking gets more couples in trouble than any other belief system out there. Your partner drives you crazy because he/she is human and has annoying habits. Period. Nothing more dramatic than that, I’m afraid. So many people believe in fact that had they just married the “right person” their marriage or relationship would be ideal. This just isn’t the case. Some try to prove this notion by marrying again and again. The rate of divorce for 2nd marriages is even higher than the alarmingly high divorce rate for 1st marriages. A very wise therapist once told me that when you trade in a 1998 Toyota, you usually get back a 1998 Toyota! As long as your partner is not abusive, an addict, committing adultery or a recluse, you will not find someone better if you trade him/her in. You will find someone different, with different annoying habits that will make you want to jump out of a window. This is the point here.

Human relationships are hard and challenging and require work, because that’s just the way they are, each and every one, in order to be fulfilling and intimate.



So, now that you are prepared to work on this relationship and perhaps take some responsibility for making it better, "35 Ways to a Happier Marriage" may work wonders for you and your partner.






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