“Iona gave us the tools that helped break the fighting pattern that we were locked in. When we began therapy, I was just happy to stop fighting all the time, but I never thought that I would ever feel “in love” with my wife again. Nothing is perfect and we still argue sometimes, but at least we feel good at the end of it and I feel as if I've learned something new about her.” - BL, Vancouver, BC.

“I thought couples therapy would be really bad, like all touchy feely and uncomfortable. But it wasn't. It was actually fun and funny at times. Iona does a great job of being funny at times to lighten the mood  when it got too heavy. I really liked her and our relationship has really improved. Thanks!”
- JM, Vancouver, BC.

“Iona Monk is a great therapist. She is very understanding and caring and this was really important for me. I've been to other counsellors before, but she is really the best one. She seemed to understand exactly how I was feeling. Thanks Iona!”
- BR, Vancouver, BC.

“My husband and I had been growing apart for quite some time. Finally he agreed to come to counselling with me. He can be very closed and untrusting, but somehow, Iona got him to open up and really say what was going on in his head. We continue to work on our relationship through counselling and it really has improved a lot since we started.” - VD, Vancouver, BC.

“We just had a new baby and were fighting all the time. I was at the end of my rope, between feeling stuck with the baby 24/7, not seeing my friends anymore, not sleeping, not finding time for exercise and not working. I was a mess. When my husband would come home from work, I just wanted to dump the baby and all my anger and resentment on him. It was really hard, but when we finally went for help, our life improved dramatically. Thanks Iona!” - RS, Vancouver, BC.

“Iona is a really good therapist. I felt safe and understood by her.”
- SW, Vancouver, BC.

“I really liked Iona, she was understanding and funny too! She helped us to communicate better and our relationship has really improved a lot.”
- TC, Vancouver, BC.

“I feel cared about by her. She really seems to understand what is happening and can get at the root of the problem. I really appreciate that because lots of times I just feel lost in all the different things that I am thinking and feeling.”
-HD, Vancouver, BC.

“She is the type of therapist who asks a lot of questions and really listens to me and my feelings. She seems to be able to understand exactly what I mean, even when I don't!” - PL, Vancouver, BC.

“Iona did a couple of really interesting techniques that really helped me to understand my conflicts, thanks for the help! - CS, Burnaby, BC.


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